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Booking.com Brand Identity and Personality Report


Booking.com is the world leader in booking accomodations online. It is based in Amsterdam,  Netherland and they have 173 offices in over 60 countries around the World.

Its mission is to help leisure and business travelers, whatever their budgets, easily discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay.

Its vision is an informative, user-friendly website – that guarantees the best available prices. Their goal is to provide business and leisure travelers with the most accessible and cost-effective way of discovering and booking the broadest selection of accommodations, in every corner of the world.


1996 Founded in Netherlands

1997 First booking made

1998-2005 Local supports offices opened in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Germany

2005 Became a part of Priceline Group

2011 Released first apps

TODAY More than 10.000 employees, the booking.com website is available in more than 40 languages, offers more than 840,000 active properties in 221 countries and territories, more than 950,000 room booked every 24 hours.

SWOT Analysis of Booking.com

  • Easy of booking; very few clicks are needed to book an accomodation
  • Simplicity; clear graphics and excellent usability
  • Advantegous cancellation and refund policies ; cancellation are free of charge for most of the room bookings
  • Quality content; descriptions of hotels are designed to be exhaustive yet concise and well- indexed(and translated into 42 languages)
  • Quality and quantity images ; every hotel on booking.com can and should insert numerous photos, which must be representative and engaging. In addition, when you booked any hotel, after you can make comment that room is like pictures or not.
  • Reviews, written by people who booked before and actually stayed there( therefore more likely be true ) This also push hotels which are in system to pay more attention for services.
  • Numerous messages encouraging conversion; booking.com is a expert at creating booking anxiety. How they do it ? When you start to search hotels, by a series of messages which urge conversion: from the classic “book now”, “it only takes 2 minutes” and “be the first!” to the more sophisticated “last chance! Only 1 room left!”, a pop-up in the corner which tells you the last booking was 10 minutes ago and warns that 2 other people are looking at the same hotel.
  • A mobile website and dedicated app for use on tablets and smartphones.
  • Online marketing and online power; booking.com has the most online marketing expenditure in terms of its competitors and they had good results, which are 27.300.000 pages indexed by search engine, 70.005 other sites have linked. This means, if you want to search holiday online, you will absolutely meet with booking.com advertisements.
  • Strong brand recognition


  • Strong competitors; like expedia.com and local travel agencies.
  • Lack of offline marketing activities; they are really strong at the side of online marketing but if you want to grab attention of people who are older than 40 years old or less interested in computers, you should do more offline activities.


  • Trends of booking online is fastly growing; Not so much just 10 years ago, the number of people who booked online was so small. But when you look now and future expectations, tourism sector is going up.


  • Terrorism creates chaos and effects badly to tourism
  • New competitors


Marketing Mix of Booking.com


Here is the marketplace for business and leisure travelers and property owners. When we look at the customer side; They can book the broadest selection of accomodations in all around the World. The other side; All of the property owners – hotels, landlords- can easily reach customers from everywhere with commission based model. This service meet both sides needs and demands.


Where ever you want to stay in a seaside hotel or boat, Booking.com guarentees to offer you the best available rates and when they are doing this, they do not want any reservation fees. In addition rooms can be cancelled free of charge in many cases.


The main place is website of booking.com. In addition to this, they have lots of key distribution partners like most important e-commerce websites -amazon.com,n11.com , Google.com, some airlines.


The biggest part of booking.com promotions is online marketing activities. They used pay per click search based advertising. Then, they generally used their partners webpages for advertising.

In addition, they have some TV advertising campaigns like booking.yeah , booking.now.

And they began to use vloggers for promoting their websites, for this they choose “FunforLouis” which is really famous youtuber, has more than 1.5 million follower.


Visual Identification elements

They are really successful at building visual identification elements. As a logo, they choose full “booking.com” writings as a bold type and their colour palette is blue, turquoise and White. They generally mix blue and turquois; blue means in business, trust, honesty and responsibilty, on the other hand turquoise represents calm, inspring positive thought and creativity. Both colour exactly matched with companies values. Some forms, they customized logo as letter “B” and full stop which generally uses at applications. Especially they try to use letter “B” for every hotels where they have partnership, they put their logos and customer points at booking.com on reception desk or Wall.

Thanks to all visual identification efforts, they are successful to build brand awaraness in the minds of customers. Here are some examples of visual identification elements;






They have made three main ads campaings, which are “booking.now”, “booking.yeah” and “wing it” until now. Firstly, they launched “ booking.yeah” campaign; the aim of this campaign is to promote that people work hard and they need a holiday at best prices and there is no place for surprises.

Second one is “booking.now”, When they launched their mobile apps, they promoted to book quickly on their apps. At 2015, It is more than half bookings are made from mobile devices. It shows that they catched up the trends and quickly respond to needs.

Lastly, “Wing.it” campaign is one of the best sponsporships. They dealt with “louisforfun” who is one of the best travel vlogger who make videos and publish at youtube. This is the another example of catching trends because people are running away from advertisements, you should show them your products another creative ways. These kind of product placements and sponsporships is one of the best way for this.

When we look at the advertisements, they are really up to date and effective campaigns.Firstly, they try to create realization of holiday needs. And secondly, when mobile devices began to become very important, they promote mobile apps and quick order. Then lastly, they made agreement with one of the best vlogger. All of these shows that, they really follow the trends and respond it quickly. It also represents values of company which are the creativity and innovation. When we look these ads , we can say booking.com as a person, is young and trendy.


Fun For Louis Youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/FunForLouis

All advertisements of Booking.com : https://adsoftheworld.com/taxonomy/brand/bookingcom

Customer service


It is really important for especially e-companies, because you do not have any offline touch points and people must believe you to buy product without see you in a real life.To destroy this biggest challenge, they opened 173 offices  all around the World and their customer service Works 7/24,their websites translated 42 languages. Customers now think that, whenever they want, they quickly connect with booking.com.

Brand positioning


They are the first well-known e-travel agency and easily get in to people’s mind. They promote values for both sides customer and property owners. For customers, best price guaranteed, biggest area coverage, easily making changes, no booking fees, real customer verified reviews and anytime available customer service. At seller side, to reach to world without so much marketing efforts and is a win-win situation.

These promoted values correctly matches with company images. People trust booking.com and book online their holidays or business trips.Booking.com achieved to change people’s booking mentality , before e-commerce,it is not so common like nowadays, they generally prefer to offline travel agencies and have to believe that what sales representative says about hotels or services. But now, they can compare everything, hotels, rooms, services etc. And find every information on booking.com.

The best example are Y and Z generations, they do not even know any offline travel agency, they just use online channels for bookings. It shows us they are really up to date and catch the trends.

Brand Experience


Brand experience is customer storytelling, stuff worth talking about, creating memories, creating touchpoints online and offline etc. Booking.com is so lucky to create brand experience because of subject; Holiday. There are lots of sharable contents in it and they use it. They really value the experience more than brand or product. They are doing this with customer service quality, verified reviews, loyalty programs and city guides. They are creating stuff people can share like city guides. People do not look only for cheap accomodation on booking.com, they are looking verified reviews from real customer – good and bad reviews together –  real pictures and one of the best customer service. They are so transparent in this issue; for example, when you booked and stayed any hotel, after you can make comment that room look like pictures ? They always try to increase this reality.

For customer loyalty issues, they always give you new promotions, one of them is that if you reserved more than 5 hotel, you can get 20 percent discount for all new reservations.

Brand Voice


Before everything, they successfully defined their own characteristics and found their own voice.They have really unique voice which represents company’s values.They do not try to imitate any other companies because they knew that it is the first step of differentitation. I mean, when you write like everyone else and sound like everyone else, you are saying our products are like everyone else too.

After finding and start to use voice. They succeed to be consistent. They have do’s and do’nts and obey these rules strictly.They knew that quota which “Incosistency is the most notorious serial killer of voice” Joel Klettke, Author of Finding Your Brand Voice.

If booking.com was a person, who would be?

Cloud 1 (2)

I made a small questtionnaire and asked 50 people who booked before from booking.com.

Energetic, trendy, Y Generation, creative, technology-lover, pop music, bachelor degree up, freedom, spiritual, out-of-box thinking, good looking,trustworthy. Masculine and Feminine rates are equal.

More European as a place. Mini Cooper as a car. The design of website is clean and modern.


The personality is a result of the brand’s concious efforts.


Yes, all of brand’s effort’s shaped brand identity. Advertisements, visual elements, customer service behaviours, innovations shaped it.In my opinion, booking.com is really successful for reflecting brand identity.They always connect between efforts and brand. Thanks to this, customers can trust booking.com and use it.

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